Message from CEO

CEO Ken Okamoto

The world is changing. Teenagers who were shocked by the power of the Internet two decades ago became adults and encountered a shock more than 20 years ago on the blockchain. Blockchain is all about transfer of value. That possibility should spread not only to digital value but also to physical value.

We will accelerate value transfer business with the power of IoT and block chain.

I believe that the world will become a little better by the decentralization. It would be great pleasure if Blockchain Lock could play an important role of it.

※Always accept WeChat message.


※Always accept WeChat message.


1996 Doshisha University, bachelor of Law

1996 Sumitomo Electric Industry

2004 Rakuten Inc.

2011 Rakuten Brasil Ltda COO

2013 Rakuten Brasil Ltda CEO

2016 General Manager, Rakuten Blockchain Lab

2018 Founder of Blockchain Lock Inc.

2018 Founder of BCL Foundation Ltd.