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Joined February 2020



Interview Q1

Could you tell us about your past occupations and why you changed jobs?

I was in charge of overseas transactions and existing sales of major companies at a general trading company. Involved in the petroleum industry, he mainly worked in shipping, and was involved in bidding for government agencies and coordinating shipping schedules.
At a seniority-based company, I was able to see my future, and I wanted to experience and experience various things when I was younger, so I challenged the blockchain industry.

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Interview Q2

Interview Q2

Interview Q2

  Why did you join Blockchain Lock?

Interview Q2

  Why did you join Blockchain Lock?

When I was looking for a blockchain company, I saw that Blockchain Lock had a relationship with a Chinese company, so I contacted Okamoto, the representative, because I wanted to use my skills as a Chinese in a global company. .
During the conversation, President Okamoto said that he wanted to solve social problems and that he wanted to do everything from 0 to 1, and I felt that it was very challenging.
I was moved by the president's passion, and I believed that if I could work with experienced and talented people, I would be able to build a win-win relationship for both the company and myself, so I joined the company.

Interview Q3

What is the charm of the company that you feel after joining the company?

Compared to the existing business model, the new business model runs at ultra-high speed every day, so a sense of speed is very important. For example, anyone can do the quick feeling that I felt in my previous job if I acquire robot functions, but the quick feeling in my current job is to "constantly think" and "think" in an environment that no one may understand. You shouldn't have any of these four: discussion, service provision, and repetition.


For young employees, this kind of experience is hard to get at another company. In addition, with the coronavirus, along with the social evolution direction of non-face-to-face, non-contact, and unmanned, the space business we provide can solve things that could not be solved in the past. Years later, when I look back, I think I am doing absolutely the right thing right now.

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Interview Q4

What are your future work and private goals?

The company's sales are gradually increasing, but it is still far from reaching the target.

So, while doing new development, it is necessary to continue to provide new services to existing customers.

For example, in sales, it is important to build your own network and personal connections, so in the future, I would like to work hard so that existing customers can introduce me to jobs.

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Joined February 2020




Officer/employee interview

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The biggest feature is that the reservation management system is incorporated as a core technology.

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Akiyoshi Hibi

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The appeal of KEYVOX is that it provides the only vertically integrated service in the world.

application producer

Masumura Shinya

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You can feel and review your own output in an easy-to-understand manner.

application producer

Tomonaga Tomohiro

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Together with our customers, we will continue to grow while improving our services through experiences.

application engineer

Wang Shikin

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I run at super high speed every day, so the feeling of speed is very important.



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