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We are building a decentralized economy with trust.



Blockchain meets IoT for local eco-system

We envision the future where new value to be created through the encounter of blockchain and IoT. Low power, wide area network meets IoT, IoT device meets digital currency. Those vertical integration plus P2P network enables local economy stay independent from gigantic global platformers yet growing faster together. Our technologies accelerate evolution of your day to day life in your town.


By adopting the BCL Chain as its own consensus algorithm, it is possible to securely execute payment between devices and execution of smart contracts. Opening a key is simple, but it requires optimized performance in an environment where high speed, low cost and high reliability are required. 


IoT meets blockchain and its security and convenience has dramatically increased. BCL Smart Lock is a secure smart lock protected by the security of the blockchain. As a standard smart lock, it has the industry's highest level of abundant functions, while by connecting to the BCL Chain that implements a smart contract at high speed, it is possible to secure an advanced sharing business.



Our blockchain aims at a German-type regional economy that mutually helps and grows, while numerous distributed core cities be connected. It is a low power, wide area network (LPWA) represented by LoRa that makes it possible. You can experiment it with our next generation retail solution.


We are working together with one of the greatest enterprises in Japan to co-develop blockchain and IoT solutions.


"IoT device x blockchain with key as the core can be utilized in various cases. We hope to cooperatively develop actual use cases and accelerate value transfer business together with Blockchain Lock. "

Arata Watanabe

General Manager of Industry Business Division, TIS Inc.



We are a technology provider supported by BCL Foundation with its mission of Unlock the World.  Our seasoned management team from various internet, blockchain or IoT related industries will ensure the best quality and unparalleled  technology solutions. We start from Tokyo but soon globally empower the world with its noble mission of Unlock the World with the power of blockchain and IoT.



1-3-1 Uchisaiwaicho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan

Tel: +81-50-5213-0269

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