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​Keyvox PARKING next generation parking lot solution

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IoT Parking Lot Solution

Advantages of Keyvox PARKING



​Buy device and download free app. By paring device, you are ready to go.



​No need to do traditional parking gate construction. Just buy and put device then work as magic.



Even for your private parking lot, it is easy to monetize while you are away.



From individual use to public government large scale use, it is flexible to scale up by your needs.

Challenge of existing parking business

Keyvox PARKING can resolve

Heavy construction

  • Heavy construction work 

  • ​Yet needs to pay rent during the construction

Expensive for value

  • Expensive gate system

  • Expensive construction

  • Expensive payment

No easy payment solution

  • Physical coin vending and charging machine

  • Inability of cashless poayment

Poor customer experience

  • Driver never knows the vacancy till get there

  • No reservation functionality​

Technology of Keyvox PARKING

Easy Installation
Free App
P2P Payment
Large Scale Navigation

Buy from one of your convenient eCommerce site and install by yourself. Down load our free app and you are ready to go.

All necessary operation is in your app. Change the status of gate as you need. The gate will follow your instruction accordingly.

Scan QR on the gate and payment is done. It is possible to integrate any of your preferred QR player.

From individual use to large public government traffic navigation use, it is scalable as you need.

How it works

The easiest way to monetize your idle parking lot
FCT. 1

One Click Sharing Mode

Install into your private parking lot and park as before. Once you are out, you can turn the gate up from your app. Then gate will become sharing mode. You can all so reserve the space before you come home.


Recommended environment:Under visibility, it can control gates in a couple of hundreds away.

"Change to sharing mode"

Gate & Sensor

FCT. 2

Combine compact gate and underground magnetic sensor as your needs. Both of the devices could work independently or collaboratively.


Recommended environment: Up to 500 devices in 300㎡ from single SubG hub.

FCT. 3

Large Scale Traffic Navigation

Public Traffic Navigation
  • Low cost operation even for large scale public navigation system.

  • ​Large digital signage can inform and navigate driver to the vacant area.

  • ​Relaxation of city traffic by navigating vehicles to the vacant area.

App for drivers
  • Easy to find vacant parking lot from drivers' app.

  • Navigate to the destination.

  • ​Pay agains QR code on the gate, and immediately the gate to be unlocked.


Keyvox PARKING series

Combine our Gate, Sensor and Digital signage for your needs
Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 17.03.27.png

IoT Parking Gate

One month rechargeable battery life

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 17.12.29.png

IoT Magnet Sensor

Three years battery life underground


Digital Signage

​Customizable upon customer's needs

Image by Dallas Reedy

Evolution never stops

Software will be updated periodically over the air

Software will be always up to date via over-the-air update. We offer plug & play solution as well as customized solution upon business's needs.

Let's  talk now!


Let's talk.

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