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A Global Value Exchange Platform

Blockchain is the Internet of value. If values travel freely and freely so that information transcends borders instantaneously, it is certainly promised that a wonderful world different from now is to come. Blockchain Lock makes it possible to transfer the physical value with the power of IoT and the blockchain.

By using the BCL Value Exchange Service (BCL Value Transfer Platform), launching services that had traditionally been required to build all platforms by yourselves gets easier than ever before. It is a shared platform yet privacy is protected. 

Business is complicated. There is no dream blockchain that solves all business problems. Complex development is required to apply blockchain business to real business. Sometimes it may be cheaper and faster to develop on a traditional centralized server.

Still, we are oriented towards blockchain business. This is because, from a bird's-eye view of the world's systems, using shared assets clearly makes more sense theoretically.

​ Based on that premise, Blockchain Rock has designed the BCL value exchange platform. As shown in the diagram on the right, it is a completely new business platform in which individual platforms consisting of multiple layers are vertically integrated into a single platform. Blockchain Rock's value transfer platform supports the success of your value transfer business.

IoT Device

API Gateway

Business Application

IoT Platform


Japan's first full scale public blockchain

BCL Chain is a full-scale public chain project from Japan. By adopting a unique consensus algorithm, it enables fast and secure execution of payments and smart contracts between devices. It's simple to unlock, but it delivers optimized performance in environments where high speed, low cost, and high reliability are required. This lightweight design enables optimal coexistence of distributed and centralized systems based on the idea that complex processing is centrally implemented by consortium partners.

Smart lock development

BCL smart lock is a strong smart lock protected by blockchain security. While equipped with the industry's highest level of security and abundant functions as a normal smart lock, by connecting to the BCL chain that implements smart contracts at high speed, advanced sharing as "a key to contract conclusion and payment by yourself in P2P" You can start your business safely and easily.

Blockchain Computer development

In the post-corona world, unmanned, non-face-to-face business will accelerate. Blockchain Rock utilizes its excellent IoT and blockchain know-how to provide the latest unmanned and non-face-to-face solutions to support local social activities. We will respond to new social needs such as unmanned hotels, unmanned shopping carts with cash registers, unmanned guidance robots, and unmanned delivery robots.

Proof of Device

IoT devices are evolving day by day. Developing new devices in a timely manner and bringing them to market is a very important competitive advantage. We can work with partners around the world to create a Proof of Device in a timely manner. We have started a next-generation retail project as the first step in the "unmanned, non-face-to-face business" series.

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 9.10.26.png
BOOKING X reservation engine

BOOKINGX technology, which realizes non-face-to-face reservation operations for spatial business, will dramatically improve the user experience of spatial business. As a global brand from Blockchain Lock, we provide a platform for reservation operations for all space businesses around the world. It can be linked with smart locks around the world.

The source of Blockchain Lock's development capabilities is its connection with a strong Chinese offshore company. With overwhelming mobilization and cost competitiveness by more than 2,500 engineers, we will provide customers with unprecedented added value.

Blockchain Lock's own service, KEYVOX service, is being developed in the same position. Please make use of that overwhelming development power for your own business.

Offshore development
Token economy consulting

The biggest invention of blockchain is to come up with a mechanism to reach consensus even though each person thinks only about his or her own interests. In that sense, the design of the blockchain where the token economy works is a very important element of the blockchain business. Based on its extensive experience, Blockchain Lock provides consulting services for launching private, consortium or public chains.

We also support the listing of these customers' blockchain projects on overseas exchanges.

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