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Next-generation key that condenses blockchain technology

Reinventing the key over 4000 years since the invention of the first key in human history


One click
Dealer Program



As a smart lock for your home, it can be unlocked by various methods such as PIN code, smartphone, non-contact card, remote control (sold separately at a later date).


Like your physical key at home, only the user has the key. Personal information will not be managed on the central server.


It is a highly encrypted and secure key that uses blockchain encryption technology.



By connecting the smart lock itself as a hub to the network, it is possible to safely and easily monetize the space behind the key.


The more you use it, the more BCL points you will earn. The points can be used to use the BCL service at a later date.


It is ideal not only for home use but also for office entry / exit management. * Registration to the KEYVOX service is required for the entry / exit management function.

*This is an image video of using the product. Since the product is under development, the details and service details may differ from the actual product.

Construction installation model

Our partner companies will visit your home and your office for construction. It does not come off immediately like the stick-on type. It is a sophisticated and unclaimed design that fits into any sophisticated home or office.

Safe for your kids

Children who do not have a smartphone can easily unlock it with an NFC card or remote control (sold separately). In the unlikely event that you lose it, your parents can easily invalidate the lost card key and lend a new key.


The BCL smart lock brand has evolved into "KEYVOX".

Check the site for the contents of the KEYVOX service.

Reseller program

By connecting the smart lock to the blockchain, endless possibilities open up. Blockchain Lock is looking for sales partners to open up new markets together. We offer programs that prioritize the profits of dealers.

Please check here for details.


  • Real estate developer

  • Fudo plan intermediary

  • Master key distributor

  • Shared office operator

  • Minpaku / Simple lodging owners, management agents

  • System integrator

  • Office interior contractor

  • Please contact us


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