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We are a technology group specialized in blockchains and IoTs established by experienced management team in the Internet, blockchain and IoT industry. As the first member company of the BCL Foundation with the mission of "Unlock the World", we will make the world more secure and convenient one with the power of blockchains and IoT. We will change the world from Tokyo.

Blockchain Rock Inc.
offshore partner
KEYVOX Division

KEYVOX brand in-house service business for non-face-to-face space business including blockchain.

DX Entrusted Development Division

A contract development business that supports the conversion of existing businesses to DX, such as next-generation retail and next-generation parking.

An offshore partner company that boasts a mobilization capacity of 2,000 people.

会社名 Company name

ブロックチェーンロック株式会社 英語名: Blockchain Lock Inc.

経営陣 Management Team

CEO 岡本健 Ken Okamoto

COO 柏本宜史 Yoshifumi Kashimoto

CMO 日比章善 Akiyoshi Hibi

住所 Address


HQ: 1-3-1 Uchisaiwaicho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan

五反田WBショールーム: 東京都品川区大崎4丁目2-55  WBビル1階 

Gotanda BW show room: WB building 52, 1F, 4-2-55 Oosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo


上海テックセンター: 中華人民共和国上海市普陀区大渡河路388弄5号楼华宏商务中心5楼

設立 Established

March 2018

事業内容 Business Domain

Blockchain development

Smart lock, IoT device development and sales

IoT platform

Sharing service development


資本金 Capital



取引銀行 Bank

三菱UFJ銀行 Mitsubishi UFJ Bank

​みずほ銀行 Mizuho Bank


主要株主 Shareholders

TIS株式会社 TIS Inc.

株式会社野村総合研究所 Nomura Research Institute

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