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System development by a service company

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Achieves high cost performance by full stack engineer

From the back end to the front end.


UI / UX design


Desktop app

Mobile app



Backend app





Big data


Existing system development challenges

Blockchain lock will solve it.

Insufficient resources

  • Everywhere seems to be busy and the priority of my project does not rise


  • High cost structure due to subcontracting structure

  • Expensive Japanese SE unit price

The technology used is old

  • Choose an older framework that you're used to as technology evolves

Poor customer experience

  • Made to a system that does not hear the mind like a corporate information system to want to make the service

Features of BCL system development

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Service development
Cross-platform development

With a strong partnership with an offshore partner in Shanghai, we can achieve overwhelming mobilization power and cost performance.

There are many people in charge of Rakuten Ichiba development, including CEO Okamoto. I am familiar with how to create a zero ➔ service.

A variety of IoT development is possible by applying the track record of creating an IoT platform as a KEYVOX service from scratch.

It is possible to realize a significant reduction in man-hours by simultaneously developing three platforms, Android, iOS, and WEB, as well as mobile first.

BCL system development steps

We repeat hypothesis and verification throughout the project to derive the best user experience.
FCT. 1

Issue extraction

We will expose the issues inherent in existing operations. Prioritize the issues you want to solve and identify the best solution. Our veteran SE with more than 15 years in the Internet industry thoroughly supports the requirement definition, and proposes a flexible and easy-to-use system construction for the future.

FCT. 2

Hypothesis and verification

FCT. 3

We will develop a minimum identifiable product based on the temporary construction, and get feedback by actually using it. Identify improvements based on feedback


Even if the release is successful, it will start from there. BCL proposes a plan to grow together with customers, and after a small start, we will continue to propose a new system as our business expands. Requirement definition, design and development with abundant and low-cost resources using offshore. We support testing and operation.

Development results

We have a lot of development results in various operations.
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Evolution doesn't stop

We will generously provide the development know-how of our own services.

We aim to develop a system that is permanently updated during the contract, not a complete system.


Please feel free to contact our consultant for details.


Let's talk

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