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Message from CEO


Our core era is constantly evolving. A platformer that acquires all data and finally commercializes DNA. We believe that the era of selling our personal information for such a little convenience is over. I also think that is the significance of the existence of blockchain. A world where individuals can trade fairly without intermediate exploiters, that is the world that blockchain lock aims for. Even if it doesn't happen suddenly on a global scale, what happens within your peers, its small movements, is the beginning of this big change. Connecting such friends from point to point. That is the power of the mesh we believe in.

We are not a smart lock operator. The value we offer goes far beyond just the value of the key. We want to realize the world of individual-to-individual value exchange with the power of keys and blockchain. It is possible only because we have the design ability, technical ability, and high aspirations that can abstract the diverse and complex business behind the transaction.

By connecting "individual power" to the mesh, it becomes the power of exponentiation. Our belief is that this "mesh power" will change the world. Blockchain Lock will build the social infrastructure that supports its activities. One day in the future, when our offspring grow up, the time will come when we will talk at the table at home, saying, "In the past, there was a time when personal information was handed over in exchange for a little convenience?" That era is more convenient than it is now, without having to rely on giant platformers. We will continue to work hard so that the day will come as soon as possible.

January 2020

Ken Okamoto

CEO Ken Okamoto

※Always accept WeChat message.


※Always accept WeChat message.



1996 Doshisha University, bachelor of Law

1996 Sumitomo Electric Industry

2004 Rakuten Inc.

2011 Rakuten Brasil Ltda COO

2013 Rakuten Brasil Ltda CEO

2016 General Manager, Rakuten Blockchain Lab

2018 Founder of Blockchain Lock Inc.

2018 Founder of BCL Foundation Ltd.

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