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Trusted Enterprise Blockchain Provider

Blockchain Lock Inc. is one of few company with technology which can develop public chains in Japan. We provide solution as plug and play package or customization so that your business can leverage our platform in the process of building your own service of your proprietary business. The essential of the blockchain is the transfer of value. BCL Blockchain as a Service strongly supports customers considering value transfer business represented by digital assets and tokens.


BCL Coin Solution

It is blockchain where many possibilities are mentioned, but considering only its own business of a company, the development using a traditional database is far more efficient. Among such circumstances, it is the "digital asset / token" field that worth exploring the use of blockchain. Blockchain technology developed for P2P money remittance will greatly improve a digital asset business by points and electronic money

Overall of BCL Coin Solution
Facility operation with smart lock unlocked with ​NFT
BCL Coin Solution Features
  • ​Issue Coin

  • Transfer Coin

  • Pay Coin

  • QR Payment

  • Invoice Coin

  • Settle Coin

  • ​Reporting

  • QR Payment

  • ​Manage Issue/Distribution amount


BCL Wallet

Blockchain Lock has a track record of developing a large number of wallets, such as digital wallets for major telecommunications carriers. A digital wallet is your gateway to Web3 business. We support your Web3 business with blockchain lock digital wallet technology.

BCL Wallet makes easy for storage, remittance and payment of your digital assets.
BCL Wallt

BCL Explorer

BCL Explorer that reports the block generation status of BCL Chain in real time. By creating this inorganic report with the necessary filters for your business, you can evolve to a more value-added reporting tool.

BCL Explorer Screenshot
BCL Explorer
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