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KEYVOX Partner Program

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Welcome to the BCL community.
The facility owner plays a leading role.
A community created by you.
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Together we will create a new sharing infrastructure.
Your decisions will change your future.

This plan is for Blockchain Lock Co., Ltd. andBCL FoundationThis is a partner program in which forward-thinking hosts using the KEYVOX service who support the activities of KEYVOX and are willing to expand the BCL community together can participate.

As a condition for full exemption from certain KEYVOX service monthly fees, Blockchain Lock holds the right to issue facility use tickets (points) of "contract door x 10,000 yen" per month that can be transferred or resold to a third party. increase. Blockchain Lock has this right as long as the contract for KEYVOX service lasts. There is no set expiration date for this facility use ticket, but the use of the facility use ticket is limited to the facility that issued it, and it will not be consumed in excess of the issued amount.

In addition, as an incentive for hosts who agree with this plan, we have the right to obtain the full initial cost of the KEYVOX service, including hardware costs, and BCL tokens equivalent to one year's worth of the above facility use ticket. BCL token holders have the right to vote on the operation of the BCL chain and its community based on the BCL Foundation Charter according to their stake.

Conditions for participating in the KEYVOX Blockchain Plan
  1. Operating facilities that can be rented out to general guests (so-called drop-in acceptance)

  2. Must be listed on KEYVOX Go (If you are using another company's PMS for your lodging business, you need to explicitly turn your listing on.)

  3. Automatic approval of reservations is installed, or the approval rate of manual approval continues to exceed 80%

Features of BCL chain

A consortium-type chain that specializes in IoT and secure payment unlocking.






Sub Chain

FirstExpress your intention to participate.


is the leading role

"The guests​​

also the leading role


revenue sharing



Install the KEYVOX service.

List your facility on KEYVOX Go.

BCL will issue a facility use ticket.

Guests use the facilities.









Let's start with what we can do now to create a new infrastructure.

BCL Community Charter Excerpt

  • Continue to use actual services using BCL chain such as KEYVOX service

  • Participating facility names must be publicly available on an ongoing basis

  • Participate cooperatively in the activities of the BCL community

  • A new use case using the BCL chainActively participate in the invention, implementation and construction of

  • ​When using as a guest, perform the necessary identity verification

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